Mark Selby

John Higgins



Exceptional escape from John, swerves, off the bottom cushion and hits the red back up the table. Might be snookered again though soon. MS 37-40 JH (9-11)

Red ball frame this. Whoever pots the red surely wins the frame. John leaves Selby in a snooker. Virgo has a bit of a moment on commentary. He thought the red was cuttable for the top left after Selby hit it when it clearly wasn't. MS 37-40 JH (9-11)

Selby snookers John, John escapes but sticks the red up for Selby. Chance for the frame. Selby pots it, on the blue but too straight. Not sure how he gets on the yellow from here. Perhaps a shot with top spin with power? MS 38-40 JH (9-11)

Good effort, powers it in but nowhere near the potting angle. Does he dare go for the yellow or play safe? Plays safe. Just the colours remain. MS 43-40 JH (9-11)

Selby leaves the yellow for the right corner. Tough shot, hits it thick and Selby has the chance to seal this huge frame. MS 43-40 JH (9-11)

Screws back for a medium length green. Pots it, on the brown. Selby will win the frame. MS 52-40 JH (9-11)

Pots frame ball blue. Huge frame for Selby to win. Selby wins the mini session 3-1. 11-10 at the mid-session interval.

Sue Revell (@TheMissionMaven)

So tense!!

Thomas Frost

Fancying Selby at this point. John needs to at least share the final 4, ideally 3-1.

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Players are back. Selby gets frame 22 underway. 4 frames in this session. Possible 10 this evening. MS 0-0 JH (10-11)

Selby leaves a red for the right corner when he wanted to nestle on said red. John pots and on the black. Hendry criticising John for playing a tentative shot just. Hardly surprising considering how aggressive a player he was. Goes into the pack off the blue. Not great on any red. Has one for the right corner. MS 0-14 JH (10-11)

Pots the red but gets a kick on the white and sticks on the pack. Tricky safety shot ahead. Can only see the black. Willie and Stephen aren't convinced there was a kick. John plays a containing safety off the black off the right side cushion. MS 0-15 JH (10-11)