Hunting - One question Why?


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@Larne here folks. Strap yourself in.

This blog comes loaded with passion and a lot of anger. I will try not to make it preachy and have some open mindedness but then as I always say this is not the BBC and you are not looking for balance.

I will fess up I am deep animal Lover.

I own a Springer Spaniel Puppy – Dexter – Look at him he literally gets anything he wants with this puppy dog eyes.

He is treated like a prince in our house. I remember once trapping his tail in my car door…. I Still remember the whimpering and crying and the look he gave me of 'You Bastard How could you do that to me?’

I also met Elephants at an Elphant Santuary in thailand (no riding) and this was possibly a life changing moment in my life

Meeting these beautiful creatures and feeling their power up close just made my respect for them grow even more.

Which brings me on to the next photo of this piece.


What the actual fuck? You are sticking your thumb up?