Buckingham Palace Announcement

UK News


A meeting of the Royal Household was called today with initial reports saying an an announcement would be made at 8am UK time but that was put back to 10am. Cue media frenzy and social media meltdown...

We have been told that it is not 'health related' so that's ok. Speculation is now based on something to do with Prince Harry getting married although normally such an announcement would come from Kensington Palace so that's probably not it.

Abdication also seems unlikely to me but the Royal staff are proving a lot less leaky than Buckingham Palace itself so lets wait and see.

My latest info is that the meeting is now due to start at 10am and the announcement will follow shortly after.

Apparently William Hill have suspended betting on an abdication.

It's going to be something incredibly dull isn't it?

Prince Philip to stand down from royal duties.


"Royal Duties" like watching Wimbledon for free.

Well that was a bombshell. Not.

Sky News haven't caught up yet!

So a very old man (95) retires. There you have it.