Football Manager 2017 Cup



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Ever played Football Manager? I hear you. But have you ever played it where winning some matches could earn you £5,000? Tonight, someone will win just that. Purely for playing FM2017. Regional qualifiers done, straight up semis and final coming up.

I'm your host Howard Crossland. Live stream above!

Let's hope they've got Tonton Zola Moukoko up front. First up it's Stemp City (London Champion) vs Hallsworth Harriers (Manchester Champion). Both teams named after their manager. Who said FM wasn't realistic anymore? At least my team Fawaz Forest still has its integrity.

Schoolboy error they've got full game highlights on! Our esteemed host Iain MacIntosh spots this to save us all the rest of our evening.

Goal for Hallsworth Harriers! Tevez!

Stemp City didn't have time to set up their set pieces and now Kyle Walker is taking them. Tut tut. Honestly.

Stemp City manager Dave has invoked the first 'tactical timeout'. He's Mr Cocky, Mr Nonchalant sat there with a beer, but he needs to start tinkering.

Half time in the first semi-final and it's 1-0 to Hallsworth Harriers!

Lucas Moura misses a sitter to make it 2-0. Heading straight for a 5 rating. Take him off.