2017 Local Election Results

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For what it's worth, I'm going to get my predictions for June the 8th out now; Conservatives - 349 seats Labour - 214 seats Liberal Democrats - 13 seats Green Party; 2 seats (Bristol West gain) SNP; 52 seats Plaid Cymru; 4 seats There you go, rate me or slate me, I want to hear what you think.



I have actually calculated what would happen if the election was today using the latest 10 polls to get a Tory 116 Seat Majority Lib Dems get 12 seats and SNP gets 48.

Oliver McManus

I could easily see that happening to be honest Ewan, I was wrong on Brexit and Trump last year so I thought I'd stick my neck out and go a bit risky this time. I'm relying on 2-3% dropping off from Conservatives - my workings were with about 29.5% support Labour, 40.5% for Conservatives and then I've done regional swings for Lib Dems. Could very easily see your prediction being correct though!

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Right then guys, let's get going; I'm Oliver McManus and I'm here for the next 4 hours bringing you the 2017 Local Election Results LIVE, as they happen, before returning in the evening to tell you just what this *could* mean for THAT general election on the 8th June.

Overnight, we've had about 1/4 of all the results and, so far, it's been a very very bad night for UKIP - they've been defending 41 seats and have lost EVERY SINGLE SEAT.

In Wales, with 8 councils fully counted so far, Labour are still the biggest party, the Independent's have had a surge of support and are 2nd, Conservative's 3rd, Plaid Cymru 4th and Liberal Democrats 5th.

To put that into seats; Labour - 313 seats (-73) Independent - 162 (+37) Conservative - 107 (+39) Plaid Cymru - 47 (+8) Liberal Democrat - 40 (-13)

Labour standing on 5 councils, Independents have 2 and Conservatives control just 1. It was looking like it could get even worse for Labour, with talk of a collapse in Swansea but Labour held on to the big 3 of Cardiff, Newport and Swansea - signs of encouragement. then.

In England then, the key story is of heavy Conservative gains, adding 116 seats so far to their tally and, with that, 4 extra councils.

Torfaen in Wales, just announced as a Labour hold.

UKIP have lost all seats in key battlegrounds such as Essex - there vote seemingly going straight into the pockets of the Conservatives.

Bridgend has been declared as a HUNG council - Labour short by 2 councilors, not a good result.

Just to bring you up to date with the English scoreboard; Conservative - 455 (+117) Liberal Democrats - 103 (-15) Labour - 91 (-54) Independent - 39 (-12) Green - 10 (+5) Residents' Association - 1 (-2)