Equestrian: Badminton Cross Country


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Hello! @beckyflashhart here with coverage of Badminton cross country day

Right then, the time allowed today is 11.35. Dressage leader is Chris Burton, on Graf Liberty scored a fantastic 32.9 to lead by 3.5 from Klimke.

So there is your top twenty....

So cross country day. The popular one, a huge test for rider and horse. It's a big course this year, with the long alternative routes very twisty. That's because there have been some complaints recently that you shouldn't be able to do the alternative and still get home inside the time..... Therefore, now you really would struggle to!

In terms of the Brits, no Zara Tindall - she only has one horse at the moment, and rode in Kentucky last week. There are also no Mary or Emily King, William Fox-Pitt or Pippa Funnell. So a few newer names then, which is no bad thing. And some old favourites have made it, including Tina Cook and Nicola Wilson.

Right, Lauren Kieffer is our trail finder today, she's off on Landmark's Monte Carlo. This is her Badminton debut. She did go to Rio though, so is pretty used to the big stage. Through the lake clear, and looking good....

Next in the starters box - only Sir Mark Todd on Leonidad II, who is his highest placed horse in P13 on 42.9. Four time winner here of course. They start slowly and slightly hesitantly but Todd of course sits tight and is over the first few clear. Kieffer sits well as her horse leaves a leg in the pond over a nasty log, a tight turn and she has made it. No early dunking.

Ack Todd and Leonidas are not a happy combo at the lake! The horse seems to be backing off. Doesn't look as smooth as usual. Kieffer is struggling now, her horse refuses a brush fence. You could see he was looking at the fence ahead and not concentrating. And another refusal and that's three refusals and Kieffer is out.

Bragg (another debutant - is a part time farrier by trade) and he and Zagreb, a big roomy bay, are clear through the lake. He's also clear over the next combo. Back to Todd and he rattles the pins, if you break a pin you get 11 penalties. He's about 38 seconds behind the clock at the mo.

We are naturally sticking mostly with Todd, he's nearing the finish but he's not going to be inside the time. A sticky round, and he's into the arena - huge cheer. Over the last and he's 38 seconds over, 78.1 his final score then (one refusal at the lake plus time penalties)