Spanish GP: Moto 3

Moto GP


Hello everybody and welcome back to our coverage of the MotoGP on ByTheMinute. 2 weeks ago in Austin Texas the last race happened, sadly we didn't get coverage of that. But we're back! With Moto3 first. If you didn't see, we made a podcast about The Americas GP that you can find here:

10 mins to Moto3 Start. We're back to the first OG circuit, a very old and classic circuit in MotoGP, Jerez, Spanish GP. This is the 3000th Grand Prix in Jerez so you can see how old this track is. In Moto3 Qualifying Our Pocket Rocket Scot John McPhee did not do well and qualified 25th on the grid.

Qualifying went like this: Martin, Canet, Fenati, Bulega, Ramirez, Antonelli, Suzuki, Migno, Mir. Full Grid can be found here:

We are about to begin!

GO! Martin leads at Turn 1, Fenati just behind! Canet has been pushed to 3rd.

Fenati takes the lead as Antonelli goes down! Suzuki crashed into him

McPhee up to 18th after lap 1 of 23!

D.Binder takes the lead from 10th on the grid, Fenati takes it back, Ramirez and Canet are fighting for 3rd.

McPhee gone up back to 15th.

D.Binder leads followed by Fenati, Ramirez, Mir and Martin McPhee to 14th. Fenati abck to the lead, Ramirez has gone to 2nd.