Spanish GP: Moto 2

Moto GP


Before we start, Danny Kent has left Moto2 and will be going back to Moto3 and is testing for a team in Moto3 and will probably be back for Le Mans. Back to Moto2, the qualifying went like this Marquez, Morbidelli, Aegerter, Oliveria, Pasini, Bagnaia, Vierge, Nakagami, Schrotter Full list can be found here:

So now no Brit in Moto2. I think this is very worrying, will Danny Kent ever be able to go into Moto2?

Moto2 is about to begin!

GO! Morbidelli leads at turn 1 But Marquez takes the lead! Marquez, Morbidelli, Vierge, Aegeater, Oliveria

After lap 1 Marquez and Morbidelli are flying away! Marquez, Morbidelli, Aegeater, Vierge, Pasini

Vierge is pushed down to 6th and Bagnaia goes up to 5th. Pasini passes Aegeater for 3rd. Bagnaia also passes him for 4th.

CRASH! Nakagami, Vierge and Corsi go DOWN!

Marquez and Morbidelli fly away! Pasini in 3rd, bagnaia 4th and Aegeater is in 5th.

Morbidelli takes the lead (I'm having lunch, expect a break in updates)