The Election Will Be Televised

UK Politics


The election campain is well underway, though I'm sure you didn't need me to tell you that. However, the question as to will they-won't they have tv debates has rambled on for a number of weeks. Today, we're a little clearer as to what will and what won't happen. Tonight we'll show you what the BBC, ITV, Sky and the rest have up their sleeves over the next month.

Let's start with Auntie Beeb. There are a number of plans for a variety of election specials on the BBC, however none of these will see Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn speak at the same time. COWARDS! It all kicks off on Wednesday 31st May with a 7-way tussle between all the leading parties...but it's listed as "senior figures" as opposed to party leaders. Cop out that...

2 nights later on June 2nd, Jezza and Thezza will do battle on the same show BUT not at the same time in a Question Time special from York. This will follow a similar format to the one the pig lover, the bacon hater and the student fee liar too part in back in 2015.

If that's not enough in one week, on June 4th there's ANOTHER Question Time special from Edinburgh as the Queen of Scotland takes on the Gay Sex fantasist in a truly pointless discussion to show which party will be the "unofficial" opposition to the party formerly known at the Labour Party.

One final debate is for da youff vote as Tina Daheley will host the Newsbeat Debate on 6th June with an audience of 18-25 year olds. Corbyn will lap that up.

As well as "debates" there will also be a series of interviews on the BBC throughout the campaign. May and Corbyn will be on The One Show sofa, with Theresa getting in first tomorrow night (May 9th). From 22nd May, May, Corbyn, Farron, Sturgeon and Paul "I'm Not Racist But..." Nuttall getting a one-on-one interview with Andrew Neil. Make sure you're out the house every night that week.

On election night itself, David Dimbleby with Mishal Husain, Emily Maitlis and Jeremy Vine will guide you through the Tory romp. Huw Edwards takes over in the morning to see whether the sun will actually rise when the Conservative Party have a 200+ seat majority in the House of Commons. It's 10/1 that God doesn't allow it mind you. The sun rising, that is.

Over on ITV, they are hosting their debate on May 18th at 8pm with Julie Etchingham once again at the helm. It's again a 7-way rumble...but all eyes will be on the Tory and Labour podiums to see if May and Corbyn bother to get out of bed for that one. If the former, as previously stated, doesn't show, Corbyn may well not bother either.

Julie is truly earning her salary in the next month by hosting a series of one-to-one interviews with all the leaders from across the country. Even Leanne Wood gets an invite to these! You know her. She's the one you needed the subtitles on for in 2015.

In less than exciting news, ITV News At Ten will go on for, well, 10 minutes longer each night. Robert Peston's show is also getting an extension until June 25th. Tom Bradby is given the hot seat for the big night itself with contributions from Peston, Etchingham, The Chuckle Brothers and H from Steps due to the fact nobody watches ITV on election night...