Girl Fight: A Muay Thai Story Review



Hi everyone. Jody Jamieson here with a film review! We're here to talk about Girl Fight: A Muay Thai Story. A feature length documentary directed by Matthew Kaplowitz, it follows The Girl Fight Gym, an all-female gym on the Jersey Shore.

The film was shot over 18 months from 2013-2014 following head coach and fighter Prairie Rugilo and her gym in Tom's River, New Jersey. The film features Prarie's journey after losing her title in a controversial decision as both a fighter and the head trainer of her gym, along with her partner Jaime Philips.

We also get a glimpse into fighters making their amateur debuts. Some come to fight. Some come for fitness. Heavily featured in the film is DeAna Mendez, a North Jersey police officer who came to the gym for fitness and ends up fighting in the ring, though her biggest fight is overcoming her fears of failure.

On the same night DeAna makes her amateur debut, we meet Hazelle Dongui-is who is also fighting for the first time, but for all DeAna's personal demons and fear of failure, Hazelle is the polar opposite. Loose, relaxed and ready to go, we see two very different fights.

Casting a huge shadow over the film is Hurricane Sandy. The film begins about 6 months after Sandy, and the area is still recovering from the devastation. The beach is still taped off at the start of the film, some local businesses remain closed, and many homes are still far from restoration.

In keeping with what we do here at ByTheMinute, I'll do a proper run through below. For now, I'd highly recommend this film. It's a tale of the ever growing women's fight game, as for everyone who ever enters a gym, their stories and journeys veer off in different directions. This is a story of women from all walks of life coming together to create something special in an empowering environment.

We probably all know someone who does or has done a form of combat sports, be it a hobby or a profession. But whether you're a fight fan or not, I'm confident you'll enjoy this. The story is as much if not more about the people than the sport, and it shows if you have the desire to compete, then anyone can do this. Whether you want to fight or just get fit, martial arts is for everyone.

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We will have Matthew Kaplowitz on the podcast tomorrow to talk the film aswell as preview Saturday's UFC 211. Keep an eye out on the Podcast Network and iTunes for that. For now, let's get on with the film.