Tour of California: Stage 4



Good evening all! It's stage 4 at the Amgen Tour of California! @TimBonvilleGinn back again for another little piece of cycling! Will it be another Peter Sagan day? Or maybe Kittel can win for a 2nd time? Here's the stage...

57km to go with another 5 man break out on course, Martin Elmiger, who was dropped at the last climb, is the chasers and the gap from the front to the peloton is 6'10"

The break is made up of... Britton Hoffman Mannion Hofstede Le Turnier With Elmiger chasing

A little split is appearing at the back, it is just about brought back again, Ben Wolfe at the back of the peloton unsurprisingly after a huge effort yesterday

Nice to get another mention on Eurosport! Another bit of info, turns out Eric Young missed the time limit on stage 2, hence why he abandoned, so Rally has less of purpose now

If you're looking for Sagan today, by the way, he isn't in the world champion jersey, he wears the rather odd looking green jersey, not keen on the shade of green used on that

Hmm apparently, a group that includes the KOM leader, Daniel Jaramillo of UHC, not sure if that's correct, but there you go

Trek, Katusha and Quickstep work on the front with 43km to go or, in miles, 26.8 miles

The peloton now turning up the pace to make sure this break comes back! 23 miles/38km to go! 3'55" is the gap so you can see why they're pushing behind

Might run a quick 15 min poll over on Twitter to see who you guys think will take the stage! Give it a glance and a vote! It'll be up soon!