Car Hits People In Times Square



Breaking News from New York City tonight, reports are coming in talking of a car hitting people in New York's Time Square, with Sky News even reporting that 1 person has died.

Multiple casualties are reported as the driver has been taken into custody after the car mounted the pavement.

This is supposedly an image of the car involved. This is where Broadway starts to intersect the square, by the building containing the Toshiba clock commonly used for New Years Eve, nearby the ABC Studios.

New York's Fire Department now reporting 13 people are being treated due to the incident. Witnesses say the car was moving against the flow of traffic; no news on if it was accidental or on purpose as of yet.

Sources to the BBC and NBC say that the NYPD believe the incident was an accident

You can see the front of the car is heavily damaged and the car is rested on bollards, which were recently installed to promote safety in the area. From personal experience in Time Square, there is a lot of people and cars moving at the same time very close to each other.

Here is another angle of the car, looking down Broadway, with one fatality confirmed.

The Associated Press reporting that the suspect is being tested for alcohol.

Even though the incident is not terror-related, CNN is reporting the bomb squad is entering the area to check out the vehicle as a precaution. They are also reporting the suspect has a history of drink driving.

NBC News now reporting the suspect is a 26 year old man from the Bronx, still not confirmed by the NYPD.