Moto3: French GP

Moto GP


Our Moto3 race is about to begin! First, note that Danny Kent has moved down from Moto2 to Moto3! Plus is 12th on the grid today, Scot John McPhee is 25th on the grid! Before we start, 2006 World Champion Nicky Hayden is in critical condition in hospital after being hit by a car on a bike, our best wishes to him.

Moto3 has begun! GO! GO! GO!

Fenati leads the Moto3 boys after lap 1! The grid can be found here:


Half the grid crashed! RED FLAG!

Must be oil on the track!

Yes! Oil on the track! Restart Race, 16 laps is the new race distance when they restart!


Many bikes are massively damaged and lots of people got hit by other bikes, no news of hurt riders yet.

The Grid for the restarted race will use the original grid.