Moto2: French GP

Moto GP


Hello and welcome to the Moto2 of the French GP, the race starts in 7 mins. If you didn't see it, check out the Moto3 that happened earlier right here: Kent has left Moto2 so our Brit is Mackenzie the wildcard, on a horrible bike, the Tech 3 and is 29th on the grid.

The Grid looks like this: Or in short: Luthi, Bagnaia, Morbidelli Marini, Aegerter, Marquez Pasini, Baldassarri, Schrotter Cortese, Vierge, Simeon

Warm up lap!

During the week we do a MotoGP podcast so keep an eye out for that this week. MotoGP will start at 13:00 BST. The Moto2 Will start... NOW! GO! GO! GO!

Luthi leads on turn 1! Morbidelli behind him, then Bagnaia, Aegeter and Marquez.

Morbidelli passes Luthi taking the lead! MARINI IS DOWN! 25 laps to go

24 laps to go, It's Morbidelli, Luthi, Bagnaia, Marquez, Aegeater, Baldassarri, Vierge, Pasini

Marquez passes Bagnaia! 23 laps to go.

Morbidelli, Luthi, Marquez, Bagnaia, Pasini, Baldassarri, Aegeater, Vierge 21 laps to go.

Marquez looked around and slowed a little, he waved at Bagnaia behind him, he apolagized for cutting Bagnaia off it seems, Luthi has taken the lead!