EPL Predictions - The Results


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Remember this anyone? http://www.bytheminute.co/events/2890

Seems like a lifetime ago that we had a go at predicting the EPL final positions. I've had a look at my efforts and it was very much a mixed bag.

Top 6 more or less correct (that's easy enough to get right I hear you say, but just remember what happened last year) but in the wrong order. A few bang on, or close, in the middle order. 2 of the bottom 3 correct, including one in the correct place.

Worst prediction? Definitely Manchester United - a very poor 6th in the end. Best prediction? Probably that Leicester would slip to about 12th

Biggest surprise - Baggies doing better than I hoped. Tottenham doing WAY better than anyone expected. Here's the final table E & OE

Chris Clark

Not everyone Alan.

Alan Wilson

Your honourable presence excepted, naturally.

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Only a couple of months cold turkey until it all goes again. Be interested to see some of the other predictions and how they did.