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There has been a "huge" explosion at Manchester arena this evening, reports as we get it.

POLICE STATEMENT. Confirmed fatalities.

Sky news correspondent reporting armed police running around arena.

National rail: Manchester Victoria station evacuated and will be for a while. No trains in or out.

As always with these stories you get some fake news and it's hard to tell which is factual and which isn't at this moment in time.

a_buckmaster (Alex)

There's dashcam footage of the arena in the distance, and you can see and hear what seems to be an explosion. It's horrific to think why someone would do it.

James Leahy

Horrible, I sincerely hope this isn't terror related.

Details of a casualty bereau will follow when possible.

If you have children in Manchester with family members and are worried...

Videos emerging of people running outside of the arena and panic which descended inside, will post them when I can. Difficult when on phone.

More and more tweets like this, if you're stuck in Manchester, check these hashtags.

Live feed on sky news now, road blocks in place as you'd imagine.