My Golf Life - Bedfordshire County Mid Handicap 1-4 fixtures 2017


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Hi I'm @robertscross and welcome to My Golf Life. I think about golf every day, without fail. Maybe not daily but hourly or even (no pun intended) “ByTheMinute” I am a golf junkie. I can’t help it. If you’ve missed any days then have a little look here

Now, this golfing season I have the honour of taking charge of The Bedford GC Mid Handicap team. In a nutshell - clubs enter and are split into GROUPS - this year is 4 groups of 5 teams. Play home and away and 2 points are awarded for a home win and 3 points for an away win.

Top 2 from each group go in QF and 1st place in each group gets home advantage. QF , SF and F are all one off matches

Each match is split into 5 singles match play and played off scratch in the following categorys 14+ - 1 match 10 - 13 - 2 matches 6-9 - 2 matches One point for each, if its tied 2.5 each then the last match out goes to sudden death match play.

So here is a review of our first four fixtures.................

Mid Handicap Match – Group Stage Fixture 1 Mount Pleasant 2 – 3 The Bedford Last week our Mid Handicap Team kicked off the 2017 season with a superb away performance.

Away wins are hard to come by, and also count for 3 points in the group stages. So playing on a course very different to our own is a tough match up. Out first was Billy Jackson, with the first win of the match. Asked about his match, Billy was keen to point out that he wanted the job done early as the cider in the clubhouse was a bit tasty!

Next up was Sean Daniels, playing against an experienced campaigner - coming up just short losing out on the 17th green, another loss quickly followed with Paul Baldwin walking in, we think from the 16th green. Rob Cross tied the match up with a comfortable 4 & 3 win.

So as we all tucked into sandwiches and cake and awaited the final match to come into sight. Tony Harper, up against Mount Pleasant green keeper Steve Moss and after indicating on the 14th green he was 4 up – game over surely.

Maybe not - with our opposition stating “Mossy wouldn’t be out there if he didn’t need to be!!” – had “Harps” been chased down ? On the 18th tee, the game still alive and after decent drives and approaches to the green (signal that he was 1 UP), Harps two putted for a par, but Mossy still had a 12 ft putt for birdie to take the match to extra holes.