ByTheMinute MMA Interview - Serena DeJesus



Hey everyone, Jody Jamieson here and last night I spoke to one of Syndicate MMA's brightest prospects Serena "The Southpaw Outlaw" DeJesus. She fights at the Pack the Mack 2017 event for Tuff N Uff on June 17th at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas. Serena has an amazing back story, and you can hear all about it here.

Being diagnosed with autism at the age of 13, Serena found a way to combat that and found martial arts as a fantastic outlet. Training in both Muay Thai and BJJ, she's had 6 amateur fights, and admits that the 7th one in a few weeks may be the last one before turning pro.

Serena was born and raised in Philadelphia, but has moved out to Las Vegas to train with Syndicate MMA after being invited out by Roxanne Modafferi. We can't say enough good things about Syndicate here and you can check out their website here.

When asked about the pro route, Serena was glowing in her praise for Invicta and we hope to see her make her pro debut with the promotion when it's time. Invicta FC have been more than happy to give girls their pro debut, with Yaya Rincon winning last Saturday in her pro debut. Current UFC fighters like Rose Namajunas, Tecia Torres and DeJesus' teammate Jamie Moyle debuted in Invicta.

We will see what happens over the coming weeks and months. It would be fantastic to see Serena make her pro debut in Invicta before the end of 2017, but we'll see how it goes, starting with June 17th. If by any chance you happen to be in Las Vegas on June 17th, why not check out Tuff N Uff? Ticket link here >>>

If you'd like to follow Serena on social media, @serenasouthpaw and you can't go wrong across Facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchat.

We wish her all the best for the upcoming fight and everything else. Such an infectious personality, we ended up shooting the breeze about MMA and life in general for about half an hour after the recording finished, and there was some good stuff you'd have enjoyed, but that's the way it goes. If you'd like the audio version only, click here.

Here are some of Serena's sponsors. The support they give fighters who can't fight as a full time job is invaluable. Go check them out

I'm Jody Jamieson and as I said at the end of the video, Serena is an inspiration. I hope you guys enjoyed the interview. I have no doubts we'll be chatting to her again as she moves forward in her career. For now, let's hope June 17th goes her way and there's a pro debut to look forward to before the end of the year.