Liam Gallagher Gig At O2 Ritz Manchester



LIVE SETLIST 1. Fucking In The Bushes/Rock 'n' Roll Star 2. Morning Glory 3. Greedy Soul (NEW) 4. Wall of Glass (NEW) 5. Bold (NEW) 6. Paper Crown (NEW) 7. D'You Know What I Mean 8. Slide Away 9. It Doesn't Have To Be That Way (Possible Title) 10. You'd Better Run, You'd Better Hide 11. Universal Gleam 12. Be Here Now (with Bonehead!) 13. Live Forever


Is it my imagination or is Liam Gallagher doing a solo gig in Manchester tonight? He most certainly, definitely maybe is. 'Our kid' is expected on stage at the Or Ritz in around 30 minutes or so for one of the most anticipated gigs of the year to date. I'm Roddy Graham and you are hopefully going to enjoy yourself over the next couple of hours. CUE THE MUSIC!!!

This is the scene inside the venue. Around 1,400 ticket holders will be there tonight. You might notice some candles in front of the drum kit. There's 22, in fact. One for each of the victims of last week's dreadful terrorist attack in the city. Lovely tribute.

There's a closer look at the candle tribute, as posted by the wonderful Manchester Lemon on Twitter. Give them a follow. Well worth a place on your timeline.

There have bee some rumours that there could be a mini (if not full) Oasis reunion on the cards tonight, as mentioned in an article in the Guardian earlier: And to put fuel in the fire to those rumours...

Et voila...photographic proof that Bonehead is indeed at the gig tonight. Quite why he's raided Lily Savage's wardrobe from the 90s I don't know...

Here's Liam entering the venue a couple of hours ago. No media interviews have taken place today before the gig and, from this clip, it appears his people weren't too impressed with this question being asked either.

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There will likely be some Manchester based celebrities attending tonight. Already heard that Ricky Hatton is there. Wonder if Vincent Kompany will be in attendance too to recreate this wonderful photo.

Heard earlier in the day that Liam is due on stage at 8.45pm. Now as we probably all know, these sorts of gigs often run late so I'd say 9pm would be more likely. No idea how long he'll be playing for. I'd guess around 1 hour, maybe 1 hour 15 max. Probably play 4/5 new songs? A bunch of Oasis hits + some songs he's not done live for a while. Maybe even some Beady Eye?! Aye, maybe no...

The atmosphere looks like it's building inside the venue. Not long to go now. Love the "Rock 'n' Roll" banner on stage too.