Election Debate 2017

UK Politics


Oh. Hello there. @aidanleape here. I was told you'd be coming. I've been somehow picked to cover this BBC Debate tonight, and the big news. CORBYN STARTS. How exciting. In fact, all the leaders are here, bar Theresa May. Amber Rudd pitch hitting for her this evening.

Some music for you. I should alert you to the fact that I've got fish and chips to eat, so this start could be a bit, well, tardy.

Elkie Brooks on The One Show, singing 'One of her classics'. Think it might be one of those where I have to ask my da. Any help?

We're about to start. Full disclosure, you might not get everything that everyone says here. Do some dual screening. Stick yourself on BBC1 now and then come here for the remarks that are meant to be witty.

We're off

LINEUPS: From left to right it's Farron, Corbz, Lucas, Wood, Not Theresa May, Racist Paul, Robertson

Leanne Wood is first to go on the old opening statements. If this was Eurovision, Graham Norton would say it's a bad place to go. But luckily it's not Eurovision. And she's sticking the boot into Theresa May.

Caroline Lucas next. She has some worrying ruffles on her jacket. I thought this was a debate, not Saturday Night Fever. Anyway, she's trying to be nicey nicey to everyone. Did nobody tell her that Brexit means Brexit?

Ah. It's not Theresa May next. She's saying we want Theresa May instead of Jeremy Corbyn. It'd just help if we could have her tonight. The good news for you Tory bashers (like me) is that Amber is about as frozen and boring as Theresa. No big panic here.

CORBZ. CORBZ CORBZ CORBZ. For the many, not the few. Theresa isn't strong and steady. You've heard this all before, but it's still bloody comforting. It's like siting under a blanket with chicken soup.