van Gerwen




An enjoyable tournament, time to wrap up the coverage. Thanks for your company, hope to be back soon. @Ugster1 wishing you a good evening!

@Reaps11 He's just pocketed £100,000, ask him for a refund!

@Mucky1 Boom boom!

Interviews don't reveal anything too earth shattering - MVG very pleased and Phil planning to come back strong at the Worlds.

@Mucky1 He could at least have put a suit on...

And here's your final stats:

Straight into the presentation, and here's your winner:

But it's van Gerwen who'll take the trophy and plaudits- has been great all week.

Well, great final, although Taylor did seem to tire/lose heart for the last couple of legs. Still very much a force to be reckoned with.

MICHAEL VAN GERWEN WINS 16-13!!! Left himself 36, which he finished at the second attempt!