Golden State Warriors

Cleveland Cavaliers



Over the last two seasons the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been far and away the best two teams in the NBA. They have met in the last two finals, Steph Curry and the Warriors winning in 2015, LeBron and the Cavs ending Cleveland's sporting drought with the win last year. Now its Part 3 of the Trilogy. Welcome to the NBA Finals

If this was a film, then I think it's the bit at the end of Rocky III. Creed and Balboa have met twice, both of them winning an epic encounter. Then after Rocky has sent Clubber Lang to a future of being a soldier of fortune, he meets Apollo in the ring once again, in the quiet of Creeds gym to settle who was the best once and for all. We never see who wins that fight. We will have a winner here.

These two teams have breezed through the play-offs so far. Golden State have won 12 straight games to make it to the finals. Cleveland lost just once to Boston but in general have been rarely troubled. But despite the quality of the two teams, most pundits see this series not being a classic, but a possible blowout. Most experts are calling the Warriors as the champions and possibly in quick time.

The series is set to be seven games with the first two in Oakland tonight and Sunday before moving to Cleveland for Games 3 & 4 next Wednesday and Friday. Should any more games be required they will alternate between the two team until we have a winner. Golden State having the best regular season record have home advantage in the possibly decisive Game 7

The Warriors have home court advantage tonight and are 7.5 point favourites as we await tip off at around 2.05am UK time. Both sides have star studded line ups. Golden State have Steph Curry, Kevin Durrant and Draymond Green. The Cavs have LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. It should be a fascinating encounter. We'll be back with all the action shortly.

The anthem has been sung, It's time to play ball!! Or at least it will be after a word from our sponsors.

Breathless start to proceedings. End to end as most basketball games are but not much in the way of points scoring. LeBron the first man to the free throw line and he misses the first. Hits the second to tie things up.

Draymond Green in early foul trouble. Called for an offensive foul as Kevin Love builds a human wall in front of him and takes the charge. CLE 10 GS 8

Crowd on thier feet as Andre Iguadalo sinks the bucket to tie things up at 12

LeBron starting to get in the action. Left alone unde the net for a wideopen dunk and then he's fouled to go to the line again. Sinks just one of them