South Africa

Sri Lanka



6 off. 9/0 (2) Dickwella 7 Tharanga 2

Oh dear! Rabada drops a dolly! Tharanga goes for the pull but it climbs on him, chips it softly back to Rabada but he fluffs it! 9/0

Just a wide for height off the over. 10/0 (3) Dickwella 7 Tharanga 2

Parnell to bowl his 2nd over. Dickwella facing.

FOUR - Streaky but effective. Full, Dickwella gives himself room, tries to go over the covers but slices it over the slips to the third man boundary. Well if you're going to slash, slash hard. 15/0

FOUR - Dickwella gives himself room again and goes aerial behind point to the boundary. 12 off. 22/0 (4) Dickwella 17 Tharanga 3

FOUR - Rabada goes too straight and Dickwella flicks it sweetly in the air, to the square leg boundary. Dickwella hammers back to Rabada, who shells it but that was barely a chance, hit really hard. 26/0

Rabada front foot no ball. Free hit time!

A single was taken from the no ball so they can change the field. Tharanga facing. Tharanga squirts a drive to the off side boundary sweeper so the free hit doesn't cost much. 31/0

10 off. 32/0 (5) Dickwella 24 Tharanga 4