South Africa

Sri Lanka



Parnell to bowl his 3rd over. Dickwella facing.

Dickwella chances his arm again, tries to aerially over square leg, doesn't get all of it but just drops safe as Morris was chasing. FOUR - Parnell goes much too straight and Dickwella attempts to tickle fine but off the pad the fine leg boundary. 38/0

FOUR - Poor delivery but a high class shot as Parnell drops short and Tharanga rocks back, swivels and pulls wide of the mid wicket fielder. 43/0

11 off as South Africa continue to bowl erratically. They're bowling both sides of the wicket so far. Little consistency. 43/0 (6) Dickwella 27 Tharanga 8

Rabada around the wicket to Dickwella, starting his 4th over. 44/0

Umpire Gould checking Rabada's follow through from around the wicket.

Rabada dialling it up to 91 and 92mph in this over. 46/0

SIX - Glorious shot. Angled into Dickwella and he picks it up magnificently over deep mid wicket. 52/0

FOUR - Another good shot from Dickwella. Full, straight and Dickwella wristily picks him up over square leg. Class shot. 56/0

15 off. 58/0 (7) Dickwella 40 Tharanga 8