UFC 212: Aldo vs Holloway



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Hey everyone. Jody Jamieson here with UFC 212 live from first prelim to main event. Thoughts are with those affected by what looks like another serious and awful incident in London. You can follow along with live updates on the front page. For now, here's your card for tonight's show.

In the featured bout on Fight Pass, Jamie Moyle takes on Viviane Pereira, and I caught up with Jamie to talk tonight's fight plus her career so far. You can check it out here. That fight will be due on in about an hour.

Alright let's go! We're live from the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro. A venue which hosted gymnastics at the Olympics and wheelchair basketball at the Paralympics, UFC makes their first visit to the arena for their one annual PPV in Brazil.

3 fights on the docket on Fight Pass, and we open up in the flyweight division...

MARCO BELTRAN VS DEIVESON FIGUEIREDO A 3-0 start in UFC for Beltran came to a screeching halt when Joe Soto heel hooked him in Mexico City in November. Figueiredo is an 11-0 pro making his UFC debut tonight. He has 11 finishes and has never seen a third round in his career.

Couple of house keeping notes. We're not using the new Unified Rules of MMA tonight because the unified rules aren't really unified at the moment. And no Joe Rogan tonight as he doesn't travel anymore. Jon Anik, Brian Stann and Dominick Cruz have the call.

First fight of the last Brazil card, Borrachina came in and made a statement in his UFC debut. Can lighting strike twice for Figueiredo? Hopefully the fight will be quick, as I haven't got the hang yet of typing either of his names yet...

We get the first "U vai morrer" chant as the Mexican Marco Beltran makes his way to the cage.

Beltran vs Figueiredo. The Brazilian is the favourite, and goes by the nickname Daico, so we're going with that. Not much of the crowd are in the arena yet. Referee is Osiris Maia and his wonderful Duplo hair. And we are underway!

Daico opens with with a couple of distance leg kicks. Moving backwards a lot early, but moving side to side to stay away from the cage. More than happy to stay at range right now.