UFC 212: Aldo vs Holloway



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For now, it's time for bed. 5:34am over here. Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the coverage. We'll be back again with UFC Auckland next weekend. I'm Jody Jamieson. Come give me some flak on twitter @jodyjamieson or follow @bytheminmma. Goodnight folks!

That'll do us for tonight. Quite a newsworthy night at UFC 212. Go subscribe to the YouTube channel here for our fighter interviews, and we'll have a post fight show up tomorrow afternoon. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUoKcBQjGnwu9zyvytBt4Gg

Max asks for a UFC event in Hawaii and bails. Doesn't look like Aldo is gonna get an interview. I know they're trying to interview fighters less when they've lost via KO and TKO and I understand it.

Max thanks the fans for showing him love despite the fact they weren't going to cheer for him on fight night.

Max asks Brian Stann to interview Jose Aldo first as it's his home town. Stann doesn't care and goes straight to Max.

Official decision. Max Holloway defeats Jose Aldo at 4:13 of Round 3 via TKO (punches). Max Holloway is your undisputed Featherweight Champion. Aldo loses it for the second time in 18 months.

Holloway with a nice 1-2 combo, then slipped the counter, threw the 1-2 again and knocked him down. Demolished him on the ground. Credit Aldo who kept it alive for a while, but the back mount and it was all over. Aldo had nowhere to go.

They share a warm moment in the octagon. Holloway had so much time and was just destroying him on the ground. Holloway jumps the cage to go and celebrate with his team.

Holloway had the back and just kept unloading until the ref had no choice but to stop it. Aldo is on his back dejected. Crowd is eerily silent.