UFC 212: Aldo vs Holloway



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Big body kick by Daico, who then comes in with a great entry on a takedown, but Beltran stuffs it very well with a whizzer. Figueiredo grabs a clinch and completes an inside trip.

Beltran doesn't look particularly smart off his back at the moment. Figueiredo stacks him, lands a couple of shots, dives back in and looks to pass.

Beltran on his back stuck against the cage. Gives up his neck sitting up. Figueiredo grabs a guillotine, but doesn't have the angle on the top. Uses the fence to push off and roll over with a guillotine. Beltran trying to fight it. It's quite tight, but Beltran able to push him towards the cage and open the guard to relieve the pressure.

Figueiredo gives up the neck and eats some heavy ground and pound. Able to close the guard, but Beltran controlling posture. Big elbow from the top. Daico tries to turn his hips and grab and arm and it allows him to stand. 10-9 Figueiredo, but made it somewhat close giving up position and some shots towards the end.

Round 2. Beltran trying to open up with leg kicks. Daico isn't checking.

Teep from Beltran. Daico closes the distance and lands some body shots. Beltran slips, Figueiredo gets on top and quickly takes mount. Beltran scrambles nicely and hip escapes into half mount. Daico has all the posture control, staying patient.

Couple of big shots from the top by Figueiredo. Beltran turns and has his back taken. Get's under the chin, but the top hand doesn't get in. He escapes, but Figueiredo takes the mount again. Destroying him in this round.

Figueiredo looks for a D'Arce as Beltran attempts an escape. Beltran is able to push him off and land an upkick. Daico crabs a heel hook. Beltran trying to fight it.

This isn't in, but Beltran needs to be careful. He's able to fight out and stand. Big body shot by Figueiredo and he then cuts him with an elbow. Big shot wobbles him and Beltran is down! Saved by the bell! Clear 10-8 for Figueirdedo. 20-17 overall.

Elbow cut him. Wobbled him with the uppercut. Swarmed for ground and pound. Saved by the bell, and the referee decides that the fight is over. Will go down as a TKO referee stoppage at 5:00 of Round 2.