UFC 212: Aldo vs Holloway



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Chagas very happy to counter. Wallhead shoots for a takedown after getting tagged. Easily stuffed.

Chagas changing stances well. Wallhead is trying to load up with a right hand.

Wallhead misses by a mile with a spinning back fist, but does land a combo on the end. Chagas replies with a good shot.

Wallhead again shoots from the long way away. Needs to get in tighter if he's gonna take him down. Chagas with a nice front kick to the body. Wallhead's aggressive attempt to push the pace has slowed down already. Looking a little tentative.

Chagas with a high kick that lands. Wallhead tries to grab a single leg that doesn't work. Chagas just outclassing him so far.

End of the first. Easy 10-9 for Chagas.

Round 2. Chagas tags him with a easy looping right and then cracks him with a straight right as Wallhead comes in. Wallhead lands a good right hook. Easily the best thing he's landed so far. Chagas then boots him between the wickets.

Very quick break and we're back underway. Wallhead just misses an overhand left.

Chagas landing his jab with regularity, and then lands another left high kick. Good straight right from Wallhead. Wallhead starting to land...

Chagas tries a takedown. Wallhead stuffs and clinches. Chagas breaks it quickly, but something to build on.