UFC 212: Aldo vs Holloway



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Straight right and a body kick by Chagas. Wallhead is tough as nails.

Eye poke by Chagas. This will be a longer break.

Judo Jimmy says he can't see. That's always risky after recent events.

Back underway. Wallhead still fidgeting with his eye. Does land a decent shot though on the way back to the middle.

Chagas with a few big legs kicks and circles away from the counter.

Chagas extremely relaxed, but fighting with his hands low. Needs to be careful.

Good body shot from Wallhead and then Chagas knocks him down with a short shot. Wallhead goes down like a tree! Chagas takes the back, sinks in the choke and there's the tap. Great performance.

Chagas lands almost a short right backhand and then a short heavy left hook to knock him down. Back taken. Hooks in. Game over.

Official decision. Luan Chagas defeats Jim Wallhead at 4:48 of Round 2 via submission (rear-naked choke).

Chagas moves to 15-2-1 in his pro career. A strange 1-1-1 record in UFC. Says he still has some improving to do. Let's hope so. Good performance, and hopefully he builds on it.