UFC 212: Aldo vs Holloway



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Brazil are 2-0 already.

After chatting to one of our next competitors though, I'll be hoping it goes to 2-1...

VIVIANE PEREIRA VS JAMIE MOYLE Both girls won their UFC debuts in December a week apart. Moyle outpointed Kailin Curran at the TUF finale, while "Sucura" took a split decision over Valerie Letourneau the next weekend at UFC 206. Pereira stands 5'0" while Moyle is 5'1". Shortest fight in UFC history? Perhaps, but expect a good scrap.

Jamie is a sweet girl with great jiu-jitsu. Pereira took down a much larger opponent in her UFC debut. It was hard to get a good read on her abilities as Letourneau was just so big that the fight ended up a little bit of a stalemate. Should see a much better fight next.

Pereira vs Moyle at strawweight. Pereira goes in as a slight favourite. Both girls are good prospects looking to break out. Referee is Mario Yamasaki. And the featured Fight Pass bout has begun!

Inside leg kick from Moyle. Pereira just misses an overhand right. Both girls keeping their distance earlier.

Moyle comes in close and misses a straight right. Pereira misses the counter shot. Very cagey start. Pereira then catches a body kick and drives back to the back for a clinch. Jamie almost reverses position, but is driven back to the cage.

We get a spin, but Jamie isn't able to get a solid underhook and gets turned again. Pereira definitely controlling position, but we get a break.

I missed it, but it seems Moyle kneed her way out of the clinch, so that's positive for her. Lands a couple of nice jabs in the middle.

Pereira with a nice right but Moyle lands a good combo. Then Pereira with a good combo of her own.