UFC 212: Aldo vs Holloway



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Moyle starting to land well. Surprised she hasn't tried and takedowns yet.

Moyle misses and Pereira comes in with a swarming combo and grabs a clinch. Nice knee by Moyle, and then Pereira lands a couple of shots as she exits. I've got 10-9 Pereira, but a pretty close round.

Round 2. We get an early clinch in the centre and Moyle exits with a knee.

Nice 1-2 from Pereira. Moyle just misses an uppercut and shoots from a little too far away.

Pereira lands a nice right hand. Moyle unable to find her range yet in the 2nd. Pereira pushes her back and grabs the clinch. Moyle again lands a nice knee to the body to get out, but needs to find something else.

Nice inside leg kick from Moyle. Pereira is keeping her at distance well with her jab to not allow her to get in for a takedown. Pereira trying to stalk her down and lands a good right hand.

Moyle lands a high kick as Pereira tries to come in. Pereira catches a kick and uses it to upend her. Pereira trying to get some shots but Moyle not allowing her in. End of the 2nd. First round was close. 2nd wasn't really. 20-18 Pereira for me. Moyle needs a takedown and probably a finish.

John Wood in Jamie's corner tells her she needs a finish. He's almost certainly correct. Round 3.

Moyle with a glancing overhand right. Pereira works the jab through the gate.

Big overhand right gets through for Pereira. Moyle comes forward with a combo and gets picked off.