Incident on London Bridge


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Press Association: #Breaking Six people have died in the terrorist incidents in London and three attackers have been shot dead by police, Scotland Yard says.


There has been an incident on London Bridge, per many people on Twitter.

Will Heaven, the Managing Editor of the Spectator, took this picture of the scene.

The BBC is reporting that a van has hit pedestrians on London Bridge in central London, with armed police understood to be at the scene.

There are many reports about what could be possibly happening at the bridge, but nothing confirmed as a yet other than what the BBC has said. This is a developing story.

The London Bridge station has been closed down at the request of the police.

Press Association: #Breaking London Bridge and surrounding area has been closed due to a 'major police incident', TFL says.

There is no confirmation of anything at this moment, but there are plenty of first responders and police around the London Bridge area.

Nigel Farage, former head of the UK Independence Party, says he was very close to the scene when it happened.

News organizations around the world are starting to report on what is happening at the London Bridge.

Transport for London: #LondonBridge - CLOSED due to a police incident. Southwark Bridge also closed both ways. Further closures at Borough High Street