Incident on London Bridge


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Press Association: #Breaking Six people have died in the terrorist incidents in London and three attackers have been shot dead by police, Scotland Yard says.


The @AP: BREAKING: Witness tells BBC that white van veered off the pavement on London Bridge and struck as many as six people.

News of a major incident. Lots of rumors out there. Emergency people arrived at the London Bridge within 2 minutes of the incident.

CNN reporting two stabbings in a nearby restaurant close to #LondonBridge in Borough Market after two men entered the establishment.

Sky is reporting that this incident is a terrorist attack.

Oliver Varney (Al Jazzera European news editor): I saw 6-8 casualties stretching from Borough Market to North side of London Bridge. Public waving down emergency services. Serious injuries

The BBC says that police is looking for three suspects.

Press Association: #Breaking Police responding to "an incident" in Vauxhall in south London, Scotland Yard say.

The Vauxhall train station is currently closed and trains are non stopping. This is due to a police incident.

There are now 3 separate incidents in London. At London Bridge, Borough Market, and Vauxhall.

BBC now reporting there are deaths in the London Bridge incident.