Italian MotoGP2

Moto GP


Hello everybody and welcome to the Moto2.

Today we have Kent in Moto2 on the Garage Plus Interwetten witch is a really good bike, hopefully he can do something with him, he's 12th on the grid.

Here's the grid: Morbidelli Marquez Pasini Luthi Nakagami Marini Navarro Baldassarri Oliveira Corsi Gardener Kent Full grid can be found here:

5 minutes to race start. Matt will be with you for the MotoGP at 1pm.

The race start is about to begin!

3,2,1 GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!

Morbidelli Leads after turn 1! Pasini takes 2nd, Marquez in 3rd. Pasini takes the lead! BALDASSARRI AND NAKAGAMI ARE DOWN! 20 laps to go

19 laps to go and it looks like this, Pasini, Morbidelli, Marquez, small gap, Luthi, Small Gap, Martin etc

15 laps to go! Maquez and Luthi have pased Morbidelli, it's now Pasini, Marquez, Luthi, Morbidelli, BIG GAP, Rest, Kent is in 11th.

sorry for that gap in coverage, just had lunch.