One Love Manchester Concert



LIVE STREAM If you're able to, text LOVE to 70507 to donate £5 to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.


Michael Scott

Good evening roddy. Nice to read you here.

Roddy Graham

Hi Michael. Have to say I'm really enjoying tonight! A really lovely tribute to the 22.

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Good evening. 13 days ago, an audience full of children, teenagers and adults filled the Manchester Arena to watch an American pop star do her thing on a Monday night. It should have been one of the happiest nights of their lives. As Ariana Grande sang her final song of the evening, it probably was. Then everything changed.

22 fans never made it home from that concert. 22 innocent lives were lost in the most tragic circumstances. 22 people were killed in one of the worst terrorist attacks the UK has ever seen. Tonight, those 22 lives will be remembered. And they will never be forgotten.

James Leahy

Fucking hell you got me there. tears in my eyes. RIP to the 22 lives and the 7 lives which were lost last night.

Chris Rolfe (@ChrisRolfe16)

Right there with you, perfect words Roddy

Tonight's benefit gig will raise money for the We Love Manchester emergency fund, which has been set up by Manchester City Council. If you are able to contribute to the fund, you can make a donation here:

Tonight's concert takes an even more poignant turn after the events in London last night. No doubt there will be some form of tribute to the victims of that this evening too. One thing is for sure. The terrorists will not win. They cannot win. There are way more good people on this planet than evil.

Earlier today the organisers revealed the running order for tonight. Not sure what songs they are performing but this is the order they are on stage. Take That Robbie Williams Niall Horan Little Mix Pharrell Williams Miley Cyrus Justin Bieber Usher Katy Perry Coldplay Black Eyed Peas Ariana Grande

Great choice by the BBC to have north-west born Sara Cox presenting tonight alongside Ore Oduba. 50,000 packed into the venue today. The BBC interviewing some of the crowd just now. A bunch of young girls giving some very wise answers. Should show young people on tv more. There are a lot of intelligent, level-headed voices among the millennials (though I do hate that word...)

Marcus Mumford, him off of Mumford and Sons, is on stage to lead a minutes silence. Could hear a pin drop. First goosebumps moment of the night.

The Mumford one that can sing plays an acoustic version of their song "Timshel" to open proceedings. Features the words "you are not alone in this...together we will stand and hold your hand". Powerful.

Take That are welcomed to the stage with screams and cheers before Mark Owen leads the crowd with "Shine". I did say I wouldn't make too many sarcastic comments tonight, but WTF is Gary Barlow doing with his hair these days?! He's 46 for crying out loud!! Think Lionel Messi on heat.