My Final Say on the Election

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All opinions in this story are not that of ByTheMinute as a whole but that of me and me personally.

Today is the last day of which I or anyone else, apart from newspapers, can influence the election legally via the media. Not the parties, the BBC, Twitter, not anyone or anything else can do it legally, apart from newspapers. So this is my last say on the Election.

The current system is that you take 2 minutes to register to vote if you are a British Citizen currently inside the country and are over 18 years old. Then you are eligible to vote. This is my proposal of how you should decide eligibility.

First off; no voting age. There are other people (like me) who have looked at the policies, watched the TV Debates and have made our own informed decision on which party we support in the next election. Yet we cannot vote on what we want, just because we are less than 18 years old, even though it’s our future. Yet someone who is unlikely to survive until the next election can vote.

I could rant about how a 16-year-old can win the lottery, a 17-year-old can drive, and both can get a job, but can’t vote in the election! But that’s not the point of this; this is a proposal on how I think the eligibility to vote should be decided.

Harvey Waywell

Voting age should be lowered to 16

Next off, an IQ Test, you must get over a certain IQ to continue (I would suggest 40-50 IQ or so but it doesn’t really matter exactly, just as long as you’re not massively stupid!) Then, an election test. This is a basic test to make sure you know what the parties’ policies are and who the leaders are. Simple political things like that.

Harvey Waywell

Who pays for this and who regulates it? Totally unworkable!

That’s basically it, although while you’re at it, you could switch to a Single Transferable Vote (STV) or Alternative Vote (AV). Each of which is much better than First Past the Post (FPTP), as can be explained by the amazing CPG GREY here:

and here:

That’s not all though, I would also like to talk about Newspapers bias, ironic I know, but with newspapers like Daily Mail with “Apologists for Terror”, Sun’s “Jezza’s JIHADI COMRADES” and the Daily Express’s straight up “VOTE MAY OR WE FACE DISASTER” the media are getting worried.

Also, they’re straight up BRIBING you into buying their propaganda! With holiday coupons, betting tips, hot women, even money off your shopping! You want to know why the leader of the Conservative Party doesn’t show up to 5-6-7 way debates, or head on debates? Because Murdoch’s in a hot tub with hot women, burning money on a fire nearby!