The 2017 General Election Night in Scotland

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Evening everyone. I'm Jody Jamieson and I was the Scottish Green Party candidate for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale in 2015. You might remember me from such conspiracy theories as "it's your fault Mundell got elected" in 2015, and "the Greens are lying down to their SNP masters" in the last month or two. Regardless, I'm delighted to not be at a count, and will bring you Scottish results.

The first declaration in Scotland isn't due for at least another hour, but the exit poll was very interesting indeed. 56 out of 59 for the SNP in 2015 was a completely absurd result, but potentially losing 22 seats and dropping to 34 would be a big shock. I think most people had them in the 40-50 ballpark for seat predictions.

Worth noting that the SNP would still obviously be the largest party in Scotland and would hold a majority of seats, but it does deal a blow to the independence movement. The BBC has predicted that the Tories could win 15 seats. Proof that one policy parties can make big gains in elections.

Labour may have a bit of a bounce back, and the Lib Dems might be on course to regain seats they lost back in 2015. Interesting times ahead.

The first expected declaration is due in about 1:30am. Angus, Dunbartonshire East and Ochil and South Perthshire might be the big indicators in the initial wave of how the night is going to go.

On the UK wide scale, Theresa May looks in big trouble if the exit poll is correct. But the swing away from UKIP in the early North-East England results are interesting. Some suggesting a swing from Labour to the Tories, but a massive swing from Conservative to Labour in one of the Newcastle suggests it's too early to tell how it'll fall into the national picture..

Guy in Aberdeen on the BBC saying that the Tories are feeling optimistic in Gordon. Alex Salmond's seat. Some of the SNP's big hitters like Angus Robertson and Pete Wishart are also perched on the shoogly peg.

And in Paisley and Renfrewshire South, Mhairi Black might be in trouble. We see a smug Douglas Alexander (who Black beat in 2015) as the camera pans back to the studio. Alexander has a permanent smug face anyway though, so that's nothing new.


That's a shame but she only intended to stay for one term. She's been a lone voice.

Paul Chapman

aye her comments in an interview a few months back made it clear she was not enjoying Parliament.

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Murdo Fraser is on the panel aswell. Nice to get a blabbering clown on the telly every now and then. Wouldn't be an election night without it.

Paul Chapman

They've already got Jakey Burd on filling the "blabbering clown" slot.......

Jody Jamieson


The panel are rabbiting so much right now I completely zones out for about 5 minutes. I could figure out exactly what they're saying with the TV on mute.