British and Irish Lions

Rugby U


Here's the teams for today: Thanks to @charleswrites for the graphics


Lions claim the restart, Farrell puts in a big boot that is dropped by Mo'unga. Scrum Lions midway between the Crus 10 and 22.

Penalty. Knee on the ground by Moody. Should be simple this for Farrell.

It is, 6-0 good guys

Hogg comes in to claim the restart.

Cleared. Crusaders on halfway are turned over. Farrell's kick is charged down, but Lions had advantage, and will get the scrum.

On halfway. Another penalty against the Crusaders at the scrum. The Crusader front five are all in the All Black squad, so that's encouraging.

Kick up inside the 22. Lineout taken. First attack is snuffed out as Hogg is hauled down a few metres short. Second attack is repulsed by a turnover.

Hogg is down. Took the clearing kick.....put it in the air and gave chase. He then took an elbow to the face, just above the left eye........from Connor Murray. Sneaky underhand tactics to get another Irishman out there?

Mike Barry

Naaa. A limey coming in

Murray was doing the old "lifting my arms to prove I'm not doing anything". Hogg concentrating on th e ball went right into the elbow. Claret everywhere......very groggy. Anthony Watson is on

Crusaders have just mashed the Lions scrum......the penalties have pissed them off.....followed by a minor bit of handbags. Penalty to Crusaders. It finds touch just inside the 22.