Royal Blood: "How did we get so dark?" Album Review



Royal Blood exploded on the scene in 2013 with their hard hitting heavy sound, which was even more amazing considering the band consists only of Mike Kerr on vocals and bass, and Ben Thatcher on drums.

Their debut album the self titled Royal Blood was a blast on the senses, and for me was one of the stand-out debut albums of the last ten years. Heavy on rifts and hooks, it was a 40 minute explosion of sound. But now they face the difficult 2nd album. How will they manage? Let's listen to the album track by track...

Track 1 - "How Did We Get So Dark?" The initial reaction to this opening track, is it's a bit "Queens of the Stone Agey" which for me isn't a bad thing at all. In fact it's very much like a "Lullabies to Paralyze" era Queens of the Stone Age track. This track is only 3:18 in length, in fact the longest track on the album is just over 4minutes. Here's Royal Blood talking about the album.

Track 2 - "Lights Out" Christ know's how Mike Kerr get's these sounds out of his bass! You know what you're going to get with Royal Blood. Epic swirling riffs, screeching vocals, boombastic drumming. This song is no great departure from the output on the 1st album, but is that necessarily a bad thing? In the writer's!

Track 3 - "I Only Lie When I Love You" The 3rd offering is again very similar to QOTSA. Which I've said isn't a bad comparison, if you like that kind of thing. What is clear from the opening tracks on the 2nd album is that Royal Blood have found a formula and are not wavering from it.

Track 4 - "She's Creeping" This is Royal Blood's favourite track on the new album, but for me listening for the first time it's the weakest of the four tracks so far. It's like an early Muse B side. Back when Muse were good. Pre-2006.

Track 5 - "Look Like You Know" "No it's not better, no it's not better" sings Kerr during this track, and I think he's talking about the quality of the 2nd album to the debut album. Sadly no video for this one, but you'll have to trust me when I say it's a little bit lighter and a tad dancey.

Track 6 - "Where Are You Now" Continues on the same vain of "Look Like You Know" but this is better. A lot better. The song loses itself in the last minute or so, and generally could have worked as a 2 minute track.

Track 7 - "Don't Tell" Filler this track. Pure album filler. It's one of those album tracks which you think all a bit "meh" about it. Didn't grab me in anyway. Could have easily been left off the album. Surely a B-side would have been better than this filler?

Track 8 - "Hook, Line & Sinker" This is more like it. This is the Royal Blood I fell in love with. After a fairly mundane middle section of the album, it thrashes back into life with this. Ben Thatcher (not the footballer) is a pure drumming machine!