Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev 2



Good morning folks, I wrote beautiful pre-amble but unfortunately Needs must and work took over so my pre amble will have to wait. @Larne Here I am bringing you the Starter to the main event

Right now we have A super Bantamweight title match of Rigondeaux vs flores

And at the end of the very first round we have MAJOR controversy........ RIGODEAUX Threw a massive left hand punch AFTER the bell and has flattened FLORES!!!!

Paulie on commentating for Sky is saying the boxer made a massive meal of it. The punch was def after the bell it was intriguing fight and I was setting up .....

They maybe a calling an illegal punch on Rigodeaux... everyone is looking confused.... about whats is going on...

Kinda reminds me of the general election no one has any idea whats happening and lots of confused looks. POssible no contest ..... Possible disqualification on Rigodeueax (Rigo from now on)

Hold on its all changing now... The ref is saying something about holding the Boxers behind the head....

The ref is worried about this rather then a massive left hook after the bell!!

The ref is looking like me dealing with this min by min feed so far making up as we go along

All very confusing but here we go..... the ref is saying he went in to speak to Rigo regarding the illegal hold behind the head. The punch was thrown after the bell but he didn't see it but it was a illegal blow.