America's Cup 2017



Good evening everyone! Welcome to Day Two of the 2017 America's Cup! It's New Zealand v USA in a repeat of the 2013 final, and after the two races yesterday, the Kiwis are up 1-0 (yes, really - all to do with bonus points). It's the first to seven points. @Ugster1 with you for today's two races.

Great start for New Zealand as they won both of yesterday's races with (relative) ease. After today, there's a break in racing until next Saturday, so the Americans will be desperate to get a point on the board.

If you're interested, here's how yesterday's action unfolded -

First race off at 6:12pm (no idea why we have those odd start times - am guessing TV may have something to do with it). Wind looks OK, around 10 knots, so we won't see super speedy racing, but plenty of wind to get things done.

So, can the defending champ Americans put up a better showing today? We'll find out soon...

Here we go then, Race Three of the 2017 America's Cup. The all important pre-start cat and mouse game begins, as the crews try to gain that all important advantage before crossing the line. That process starts now as we hit two minutes to the start of the race.

Better start from the USA as both teams get the timing pretty much bang on at the start - no one jumping the line today. Neck and neck as they head to the first gate...

Boats hitting 40 knots, and it's USA that have the early advantage - really close though.

Good work from the Kiwis on the second leg sees them lead through the second gate. Replay shows USA didn't have the smoothest turn, which explains why they lost the narrow lead.

New Zealand stretching the lead a tad on the third leg, and lead by 32 seconds as they start the fourth (of seven) legs. Americans had to put an additional tack (turn) in which will have cost them some time - small misjudgement there.