Champions League Qualifying Draw



Morning one and all, Matt Verri here for the Champions League 1st and 2nd Qualifying Rounds draw. Bit of a mouthful. Celtic will find out their opponents very soon with the draw kicking off in about 7 minutes, so let's have a look at who they could face.

As the highest seeded team in the second round, Celtic will avoid most of the most difficult looking ties on offer. Dundalk, Vardar of Macedonia, Zrinjski of Bosnia and IFK Mariehamn of Finland are all possibilities, while Celtic could also face a winner from a first round qualifying tie. It'll all make sense when we eventually get to the draw. I hope.

In my not very knowledgable opinion, I'd say Zrinjski Mostar are the team to avoid. Gave Legia Warsaw a very decent two games last year, and it's also an absolute trek! A tie against Dundalk would certainly be good fun...

We have pictures! UEFA's stream has begun, but unfortunately we have some nobody waffling on.


Just give us Linfield and get it over with. I figure the Belfast cops haven't enough to be getting on with at the start of July anyway.

Matt Verri

No, imagine they'd like something to keep them busy.

Nobody number 2 walks on to talk us through the rules. Two pots, one for seeded and one for unseeded. Seems easy enough so far, seeded team plays an unseeded team. Hold firm while we get through this first round qualifying draw.... I'll try and keep up.

Vikingur vs .... not a clue. There are no graphics and he didn't really hold it up. Wonderful start. Hibernians vs FC Tallinn


Trepca from Kosovo. My lass is half-Kosovan so I secretly want us to get them. They might be decent too...

Matt Verri

Cheers, I had absolutely no idea what came out of his mouth!

The New Saints FC vs Europa FC. Think they're in the wrong European competition with a name like that. Linfield out the pot too, they're up against SP La Fiorita

We now have a little break, because that draw has clearly taken it out of the two randoms on stage. 5 or so minutes until we're back. Here's the full list of that first round draw, most of which I missed live. My bad.

WHY IS THERE A BREAK?! It's hot here in London, and clearly it's hot wherever this draw is taking place. Geneva I assume. That qualifying draw was pretty rapid, but the second round one will take a fair bit longer as teams have been placed into groups, just to make it a bit more complicated for us all.

We're back. Thank goodness for that. Second qualifying round draw is upon us. Or not quite. Nobody A is once again waffling on about the rules. Just give us some names pal. Ah, Nobody B is back on stage too. Quiet the duo these two.