Me Cycling The Alps



Hi all, if you're a regular reader on our cycling page then you may be wondering why we haven't covered the Dauphine, Hammer series, Suisse, Sud and Slovenia... Well, maybe this will show why. Yes, I've been cycling some of the most famous alps. 2 of which are in this years tour! I'm @TimBonvilleGinn, I hope you enjoy this.

Throughout this, I shall be linking my Strava page to show my timings and predicted data on all my rides over in France.

So lets get to the rides! My first one was actually on the way down to the alps around a place called Vic Sur Aisne in Northern France, near Reims. The ride was in driving rain. I just needed to get riding after 2 very long car journeys. (Yorkshire to Folkestone/Calais to Vic Sur Aisne.)

Northern France is a very pretty place. It does have a constant touch of sadness with all the world war memorials. Its a constant reminder as to what happened and what could so easily happen again!

The ride it self was on very nice roads, because of that it made the sharp bends quite slippy due to the rain. I found a very short gradual hill leading back into Vic Sur Aisne called Côte de Vic. I only managed 16th at 37" with ten fastest time at 29". Look how beautiful it is there!

Onto my 2nd ride. We've now made our way down (in the car) to Annecy. More specifically, Doussard. Annecy has a gorgeous cycle way that goes round the whole of the lake! Only occasionally going on the road. The weather looked slightly dodgy but, much like the day before, I needed to get a ride in.

This is what the ride looks like. Just 30.7km of gentle riding to Annecy and back with gorgeous views.

The cycleway had a decent sized tarmac track. Its a 2 way track, so cyclist coming in both directions. If you're riding it, watch out for the speed breaker gates at some junctions (easy to spot) also, if you're using top gear and want to go fast, remember a lot of people are not as confident on a bike and may cause problems.

If you're lucky/early and you get a clear run, you have plenty of segments to go for on Strava. my personal favourite was the tunnel in both directions!

Enough of dull flat days, it was time to start climbing. The Semnoz climb out of Annecy was a perfect way to ease into the alps.