Having a dog changes your life......?


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Meet Dexter.....

A 3 year old Springer spaniel. Dexter loves tennis balls.

In fact Dexter loves tennis balls more then I love golf. (And most people would says that's an impossibility)

Dexter is crazy, Dexter is needy but above more then anything else in the world Dexter is happy whatever the situation.

That happiness brings happiness to others:- From seeing Gaga Roy who loves to feed him bag after bag of treats. To Squeaking a toy when iv finished a night shift to prevent me from getting any sleep

Picking Dexter up from our friends Lizzie's was the scariest thing I have ever done. His innocent eyes looking at me saying who are you where are you taking me. Tripping over his lead on my first ever walk with him, which led to him hiding under a car, which then ended up with my wife having to coax him out with some chicken, increased the fear ten fold.

So how does all this relate to the original statement?

A dog changes your life in that they make you appreciate the smallest things in life. And most importantly they will always understand that you are doing your best.

And in return all they ask for is unconditional love.

Thanks Dexter…Legend. You have changed my life.