ByTheMin Fat Club Week.. er.. 10?



I am not really sure where to start this since it has been so long. First let's go with my (weak) explanation.

I have been away a lot recently, mostly on business. Lot's of long car trips, lots of Motorway service stations and late evening dinners. Not so much in the way of exercise.

The good news was that I managed to keep my weight relatively constant by sticking to healthy options when they were available and at least walking at every available opportunity. After around 4 week's on the road I had unfortunately put on a half kilo again but at least I knew where it came from.

I have now had nearly 2 weeks back in the office and as in the Uk, the weather here on the continent has been sensational. I have taken the opportunity to get back to my first exercise love.... SWIMMING!

I started on Saturday 17th June and have been every second day since. We have a 30m pool in the next village and waiting till early evening means that you can (usually) swim pretty much impeded by the kids bombing off the diving board.

into late evening on Sunday 18th June, I was in agony. Lower back "muscles" were screaming at me that it was completely unnecessary to all of a sudden start working them out. Monday at work in the office was a nightmare, I survived it with deep heat gel and painkillers.

But with the encouragement of my wife who has decided to join in (more on this later) we trekked over on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Each time I managed to increase the distance in the same time (30 minutes)

Yesterday was so hot we went again but that remained a gentle workout. Still 30 minutes but more relaxed. I'd like to keep to the Mon-Wed-Fri rhythm where possible, it fits nicely to both our schedules. Combined with eating well over the last 2 week, i had a nice surprise on the scales this morning:

Under 130 KG for the first time in.. well probably ages. Also I am nearly 50% of the way to my goal I set myself for 01.09.2017. That is another 9 weeks so I need to keep going at roughly this pace. BMI is obviously also down, from 40 to 37.7.

What about the running I hear you all cry?