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Tonight it is back in the pool. With a bit of luck in 2 week's I will be able to report on a symbolic milestone. Until next week, hope you have enjoyed reading!

I am obviously not going to be racing any time soon but I will keep increasing the distance I run each time. 50m earlier, 50m extra. So far my joints (I was worried about knees and ankles) seem to be holding up to the strain quite well. I will stick to twice a week now over the summer and Thursday/Sunday seem's like a decent plan with plenty of rest.

2 takeaways for me. 1. I set off really fast, the first KM which is all uphill I did in 8:29! I wasn't trying to but I felt really good. 2. I ran a bit more this time, was just over 600m that I ran either side of the 3KM mark. Can see it quite clearly where the heart rate zone spikes up.

and the profile:

And now to Sunday:

Was my quickest ever effort and I did incorporate some jogin either side of the 3km mark. The tracker data was slightly off, the route was the normal one but for some reason it tracked it 200m shorter.

And the Profile

So now the bit I am really excited about.. On Thursday I went on my run again. Here is the data (unfortunately my phone is dying and the GPS data is incomplete to show the route)

Saturday was obviously a lot. I walked down to the village early, got some fresh bread for breakfast. Went into town, parked about 1km away and walked in, did some shopping and then worked in the garden all afternoon. That involved transporting a huge pile of earth from one side to the other. About 200 m round trip and I needed about 20 goes with the wheelbarrow.

Wednesday is an obvious anomaly, I didn't have my tracker on as it needed charging overnight and I forgot to put it on in the morning. I'd have done about 5k steps that day (work day, no "run") and I did go swimming in the evening.