Tour de France 2017: Stage 3



Hello everybody! Welcome to our coverage of Stage 3 of Le Tour De France! I'm Ewan and will be bringing you the coverage today!

We have 102km to go, the gap is 2:15

Today we have 3 groups Leaders (Politt and Brown), Chasers (Sicard, Backaert, Hardy, Hansen) +30, Peloton +2:30

Here is the stage profile, a good few small climbs, but should end in a sprint!

From winning the climbs at Cote de Sart and Cote de Wiltz Brown and Politt have both won 1 point.

We are about to reach our first 3rd category climb, Cote d' Eschdorf

We have also had our intermediate sprint! The Results were Politt 20 Backaert 17 Sicard 15 Hansen 13 Hardy 11 Brown 10 Cavendish 9 Colbrelli 8 Swift 7 Sagan 6 Greipel 5 Demare 4 Kittel 3 Matthews 2 Selig 1

2 points for winner, 1 point for second place at the top of this climb, Cote d' Eschdorf

Any predictions? I think this is a Sagan stage

Brown attacks to get to the summit first! Politt is not following!