Juan Martin Del Potro
6 3 7 6

Thanasi Kokkinakis
3 6 6 4



Morning! Opening up court 2 today is a potential classic as Juan Martin Del Potro takes on the exciting 21 year old Aussie Thanasi Kokkinakis. Every point of what will hopefully be a thriller will be live with me, Joe Love, starting in about 20 minutes.

6'5' takes on 6'6' in this one in a battle of the giants. Del Potro the obvious favorite today but he shouldn't have it all his own way. My money would be on him winning in four.

The giants duck through a door as they wander onto court 2. They'll partake in a coin toss and a bit of a knock up and then we will be away.

Right then, Del Porto to serve, let's go!

An ace to start off with for Del Potro, that could become a theme. No mincing about here, both going full pelt at every ball until Kokkinakis nets. Two unreturnable serves follow and in the blink of an eye Del Potro holds to love.

Kokkinakis serving for the first time has Del Potro slicing wide but the first point against the serve comes as the Aussie double faults. Del Potro hitting deep and forcing a complete mishit from Kokkinakis. A forehand then drifts into the tram lines and Del Potro has two break points for a perfect start...

An ace saves the first..

And another ace, cross court, saves the second. Deuce. But a wild Kokkanakis forehand hands Del Potro another break opportunity...

DEL POTRO BREAKS! Moving forwards the Aussie's slice goes beyond the baseline and Del Potro has an early break.

A horrible miscue from Del Potro is caught well in the crowd but he recovers with a lovely forehand wrong footing Kokkinakis who nets. Kokkinakis keeps the net busy with a tame backhand and a volley at the baseline as Del Potro at the net catches Kokkinakis between coming in and not. A big serve and Del Potro holds easily again.