Juan Martin Del Potro
6 3 7 6

Thanasi Kokkinakis
3 6 6 4



Set point saved courtesy of a wide return from a big Kokkinakis serve. An ace now hands Kokkinakis another game point that he takes with a lovely down the line forehand. It's a set and 5-5.

Excellent from Del Potro, backing up his serve with a good forehand winner. Another forehand winner, this time from Kokkinakis levels the game at 15-15. A big serve out wide is blocked into the net by the Aussie but he gets it to 30-30 as DelPo lazily hits a forehand long.

An ace from the Argentine before a horrid miscue from him goes flying out of court 2 and the game goes flying to deuce. Kokkinakis gambles that Del Potro is going cross court with a forehand, but that leaves all the room in the world for DelPo to knock it down the line which he duly does before Kokkinakis nets, meaning he will again have to serve to stay in the third set.

Kokkinakis recovered from a slight stumble mid point and looked in control but Del Potro was able to win the point with a forehand winner. Wide on the return from Del Potro, poor shot from what looked like a weak second serve. An ace from Kokkinakis, nothing weak about that one. Another fortunate net chord for the Aussie gives him two game points to take us to a tie break...

And a tie break it will be, a forehand winner from the Aussie takes it to a crucial third set tie break.

An ace from Del Potro is the perfect start for him. DP 1-0 K*

A double fault from Kokkinakis is the worst possible start for him. DP 2-0 K*

Kokkinakis gets Del Potro moving and slipping and the Aussie puts away a simple winner. *DP 2-1 K

An easy overhead for Del Potro keeps him in control of the tie break. *DP 3-1 K

Good from Del Potro, keeping Kokkinakis moving until he drifts a backhand long. DP 4-1 K*