Juan Martin Del Potro
6 3 7 6

Thanasi Kokkinakis
3 6 6 4



Kokkinakis double faults again and this is a very one sided tie break. DP 5-1 K*

A good serve out wide from Kokkinakis is returned into the net. *DP 5-2 K

A kicked second serve gets big on Kokkinakis and is return is netted, four set points for Del Potro. *DP 6-2 K

DEL POTRO WINS THE THIRD SET 7-6! A big serve and a forehand winner combo gives DelPo the tie break 7-2 and puts him firmly in the driving seat again in this match.

Kokkinakis serving first in the fourth set, wins the opening point as Del Potro goes long. Kokkinakis then goes wide but a good second serve out wide from the Aussie is returned long. Del Potro's turn to benefit from a lucky net chord taking us to 30-30.

Del Potro tamely nets the return to a second serve before Kokkinakis moves forward to crunch away a forehand winner to seal an important early hold.

Poor second serve return from Kokkinakis means he misses the chance to try and get into a Del Potro service game, althoug DelPo netting a simple forehand will help. An ace however, followed by a neat volley at the net and an ace gives Del Potro a hold.

Kokkinakis serving, Del Potro missing two returns. Double that. Hold to love for the Aussie.

Big serve down the middle from Del Potro, return barely reaching halfway to the net. The next return does at least reach the net, but doesn't make it over. No need for a return next up, as Del Potro double faults. The next return is over the net, but also the baseline before a brief rally breaks out until Kokkinakis mishits one wide.

Kokkinakis has Del Potro doing spins as he wrong foots him with a forehand down the middle. A big ace nearly takes the head off the line judge but Kokkinakis hits the net with a forehand as Del Potro keeps himself in the game. And well in the game he comes as Kokkinakis screws a forehand wide, 30-30.